Hi! I’m Amy and the creator of Look Ma, No Sleep! I’m a first time mama to my sweet boy Finn, and a wife to my amazing husband Ben. My goal with Look Ma, No Sleep! is to talk about the reality of parenting and let new mamas know that this is hard stuff regardless of the picture perfect Instagram feeds you follow that tell you otherwise. Life (and especially motherhood) is not perfect and to be honest it wouldn’t be any fun if it was. Why do we try to cover up the imperfections that come with motherhood instead of embracing them for what they are? I want new mamas to feel encouraged and supported and join me on this new journey of motherhood. Kids are the best thing in the world to me and if I could convince my husband to have ten, I would- but I’ll be the first to admit they’re little assholes too. Cute, but annoying little humans who run your life but you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re still with me, I also like to talk about faith, Jesus, fashion, and anything else that comes up in this wild ride of life and I’d love for you to join me. I’d love for you to come to my blog as an outlet, as a place to find some laughs and have some fun! Yes, being a mom is hard, but it’s also fun and hilarious and so rewarding.