Shimmery Belle Boutique Try On

I had so much fun partnering with Shimmery Belle Boutique for this post! If you are local to the Findlay, OH area, I highly recommend checking them out at 620 S. Main Street in downtown Findlay. Unfortunately not everything I tried on is online, so you may need to visit the store or shoot them a message to get the direct link.

Outfit 1


Striped Color Block Sweater      Super Soft Jeggings {BP1006}       Rager Booties                     

Outfit 2


Corduroy Puffer Vest 

Visit store or send email for sweatshirt and leggings.

Outfit 3


Surplice V-Neck Wrap Top         Sochi Booties

Visit store or send email for jeans

Outfit 4



                  Rager Booties          Acid Washed Button Leggings

           (Not the exact pants I’m wearing, but very similar!)

Visit store or send email for blouse

Outfit 5


           Super Soft Jeggings {BP1006}   Quilted Padded Vest with Piping   Rager Booties

Visit store or send email  for blouse


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