The Longest Line I’ve Ever Waited In? You’ve Waited In It Too


I came across this picture on Facebook and it really resonated with me. The author talks about how every single minute someone leaves this world. We are all in line to leave. We don’t know who is in front of us or who is behind us in the line. We don’t know how close we are to the start of the line. There is no getting out of the line and there is no switching someone places or moving back to stay longer. The only time you get is the time while you are waiting in line.

So while we wait in line, are we making that time count? What if there are only 30 people ahead of you? What if there are 300,000,000 people ahead of you? Does your place really matter if you don’t know what place you are in?

I’ve been in one of those moods lately where I keep putting everything off. Our house is a wreck, but I’ll clean it tomorrow. My car has coffee tumblers in it from two weeks ago, but I’ll take them out tomorrow. Finn needs new fall clothes but I’ll buy them tomorrow. I haven’t been on a date with my husband in months but I’ll make time this weekend. I still haven’t started working out post pregnancy but I’ll start next Monday.

Why do we put off until tomorrow what can be done today? We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. We aren’t guaranteed the next 5 minutes yet we live our lives so carelessly and lazy like we have all the time in the world. We’re all guilty of it. It’s so easy to forget we’re in line.

This picture is a great reminder of the short life we are given. And all the small stuff you want to get done? Even those hardly matter in the grand scheme of life. Life will go on if your house stays messy. Your children will be fine if the shirt they wear is a little snug for another month. Believe it or not the sun is going to rise on another day whether you have your pre-pregnancy body back or not. That’s all the small stuff. The big stuff? That’s what matters. Did you look your children in the eyes today and tell them you love them? Do they feel loved? Did you tell your husband you love him? Were you running out the door when you said it or did you REALLY tell him? Did you make someone smile at work today? Did you even talk to your coworkers? Did you go through the motions of your mundane Tuesday that you’ve lived a million times or did you really take the time to enjoy the day and make the most of it? If this was the last Tuesday you had before your time in line was up, would you be happy with how you lived it?

I encourage you to not only enjoy your small everyday lives that seem boring and repetitive and instead make it a point to make it the best day you’ve ever had. Can you imagine if we all lived today like we were the first person in line?

Happy Tuesday!

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