Why You Should Stop Bringing New Moms Gifts for their Baby

When you are visiting a new mama and  new baby you naturally want to bring allllll the cute things for the baby. Cute clothes, stuffed animals, books, toys, jammies, blankets, etc etc etc. Chances are though, mama has all that stuff already. She likely had a baby shower and received all those necessities. While they are still SO appreciated because you can never have enough clothes and bibs when your baby shits and pukes 70 X per day, I can assure you that the new mama will appreciate some items for herself even more. We’re selfish like that. When a friend of mine came to visit Finn, instead of bringing him a gift, she brought ME one. And I will steal her idea for every new mama I visit now.

She brought me a basket full of all the things I didn’t know I needed and it was so appreciated and I used ALL of them. I’ll list below some of the items she brought me along with additional ones I think a new mom would appreciate now that I’ve gone through recovery after labor. I know some people have great recoveries and are going on walks 3 days later but I can assure you that was not me. I said actual prayers to Jesus before I peed for 3 weeks straight.

Wine – I’m starting with the most obvious. Bring that woman a bottle of wine. If you’re a true friend, bring her 3.

Basket – Make the basket you put all the items in cute and useful so she can use it to put diapers, lotion, toys, anything her little heart desires in it.

Nipple cream & nipple soothers – If she’s not breastfeeding then don’t bring her that. It’d be weird. But if she is, most definitely shove that shit in there. And get her the kind that can go in the fridge and get cold before she puts them on her stretched out but once beautiful boobs. RIP cute perky boobs. Miss you.

Cleansing wipes for her hooha – I know its kind of weird. Just buy them and put them in there. She just pushed a baby out of that thing. It needs cleaned a lot. And it’s something she can pack in the diaper bag for herself that she’ll appreciate.

Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray – If you’ve never heard of it, look it up. And then buy it and put it in the basket.

Lotion – Not for the baby. For her. Preferably a kind made to diminish stretch marks.

Face and Hair Masks – Preferably charcoal. You can get individual ones for like $2 at Walmart.

Cozy clothes – sweatshirts, leggings, slippers. The bigger the better. Oh and a fleece blanket for maximum coziness when snuggling new babe.

Coffee – Starbucks gift cards, k cups, a giant tub of Folgers. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

Massage gift card – You have to be a really good friend or rich to afford everything else in this basket AND a massage, but if you are either of those things then trust me it will be appreciated.

Did I mention wine? A couple bottles of wine. Or beer. We wont be picky. Hell throw in a bottle of 100 proof vodka just to see what happens.

Restaurant t gifts cards, hair ties, hats, diapers & wipes for the baby, candy, and anything else that says “I plan to look like crap and do nothing but take care of a baby for the next 12 weeks” are all good options. There ya have it. Bring this basket to the next new mama you visit instead of a onesie and tell them a little angel gave you the idea and they can thank you later.

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Bringing New Moms Gifts for their Baby

  1. I actually took some baby stuff for my good friend AND I sent her a massage gift certificate, in the reverse order. lol
    I sent her the massage first, as she lives in a different state and when I visited I took her some baby stuff. =)

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