Telling You What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

I once read that an easy way to give practical advice is to simply tell someone something that you wish someone would have told you.


Some days you will feel like you completely failed as a mom. You didn’t.

Some days you will rock the shit out of being a mom. Enjoy it.

Some days your baby will not sleep at all. You’ll survive.

Some days your baby will sleep all day. Don’t get used to it.

Some days you’ll question every single decision you make. Trust your mama instinct.

Some days you’ll compare yourself to every other mom you know. Believe that you are exactly the mom your baby needs.

Some days you’ll miss alone time with your husband.  That’s okay.

Some days you won’t shower or brush your teeth. Embrace it.

Some days you’ll end the day with one too many glasses of wine. Cheers.

Some days you’ll feel like you don’t have the energy to do it all. You do.

Some days you’ll feel guilty for working full time. Don’t.

Some days you’ll feel guilty for enjoying your time away. Don’t.

Some days you’ll clean all day and your house will still be messy. Let it.

Some days you won’t have time to cook and you’ll eat frozen pizza for the 3rd day in a row.  Hell Yes

One day you’ll miss this stage of your life. Make it worth missing.

Stop comparing yourself to the Instagram moms who post perfectly posed pictures of well-behaved babies and spotless houses while wearing $200 Nordstrom shirts and dressing their babies in $100 onesies. That is not real life or even a close reflection to it. Real life is working your damn ass off on no sleep day after day and *occasionally* having your shit slightly together. And it’s worth every second.


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